The new liner range from Blatchford

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Silcare Breathe is a new silicone liner with laser drilled perforations to allow moisture and air to escape for drier skin and a more secure socket fit.

A Good Socket

Research and development in socket technology has led to great improvements in comfort for amputees. However, standard silicone liners act as insulators and keep heat and moisture in. As this builds up, the prosthesis can lose its connection, leading to discomfort, safety and security issues.


Sweat Management

Sweat can be a problem for all amputees, not just for people who participate in sport. Amputees face a greater chance of sweating due to the increased effort involved in walking and reduced body area for cooling. Many existing solutions don’t work well, if at all.


Why Silcare Breathe?

Silcare Breathe liners are unique in that they have optimally sized, laser drilled perforations to allow moisture to escape, resulting in drier skin, a more secure fit and a healthier environment for the residual limb.